Are you looking for a beautiful, warm, timeless and personalised interior where functionality and quality are paramount? An interior is more than just a collection of furniture. Layout and architecture ensure a harmonious and whole feeling of your home. A successful interior project takes the architecture of your home to a higher level.

Inge Lagae - Happiness Designer

Your interior

 To achieve this perfect balance, I will immerse myself completely in your wishes and lifestyle, after which we bring your space to life thanks to the right balance of light, orientation, colours and quality materials. Sentimental pieces are given a central place and unique pieces of furniture are designed or selected for you. Through adaptations and suggestions, we come together to a personal, atmospheric and timeless interior project.

Our furniture

In function of the room and in consultation with the customer I create unique and custom-made furniture objects. All furniture is designed with an aesthetic and functional added value for the room in question. Objects with an original and timeless design, executed in exclusive and high-quality materials, make your interior unique and stylish. I design furniture objects as functional sculptures.

Inge Lagae

Trough my studies in Scenography and Interior Design in Bruges I developed a passion for esthetic and durable materials. Commissioned by my customers in Belgium, Netherlands and France I designed and realized interior project and furniture pieces that contribute to a prosperous and stable environment. You are the main character in your own design story.


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