Furniture Design

Inge Lagae’s furniture designs are inspired by her travelling the world and the people she has met and worked with. Above all, however, she is amazed and energized by beautiful materials and the handicraft from different cultures, like the French and Italian traditional ebonists and the architects and artists who have crossed her path.

She started to design furniture for different interior design projects in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Her favorite materials are a tribute to nature. Natural oak, Swamp oak, marble and travertino are natural materials with timeless and elegant characteristics. Organic materials work for any kind of interior. The quality and sustainability of those natural materials are translated into increased longevity, even after one generation, they even look more beautiful. Inge Lagae creates design for generations to come, beauty to pass on.In 2016 the iconic bookshelf Labyrinth, was awarded the Interieur award ’object’ at the international Biennial Interieur, Kortrijk Belgium.

Since, her work was exhibited in various international exhibitions and fairs, such as Collectible (Belgium), Design September (Brussels), The Salonny (New York), and many others.

In 2022, Inge created the KĀNA brand, a selection of furniture designs to be distributed by architects, interior designers, and galleries worldwide.